“One of my 2010 Fringe highlights”

—Sarah Watson, Programmer, Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival

The Clinic @The Fringe

Welcome to Universal Comedy

We’re here to help you because sometimes life’s not a laugh a minute. Perhaps you’re unwell, you’re recovering from an illness or trying to cope with a mental health problem. Perhaps you work with people (clients, patients, users) who would benefit from our unique services? Or maybe you want to offer you and your staff a different training day? If so, you’ve checked into the right clinic!

Universal Comedy provide:

Our workshops and courses are hosted by professional comedic tutors from the world of professional stand-up: and we can help you lift your self-esteem, improve your confidence, learn new skills, meet new people and socialise.

Taking things at your own pace, we’ll help you rediscover the lighter side of life in a safe, sensitive and friendly environment.

Contact us for a laugh: 0141 564 1200 or email enquiries@universalcomedy.co.uk